Race Car
1992 K/GL
2003 J/BGS
Vehicle History

This vehicle was built in 1991-92 as a senior mechanical engineering design project while
Ken Hardman was completing his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Santa Clara
University in California.  Ken then built a turbo-charging system for a two-stroke engine
as his design project for his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of
Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

The vehicle has been rebuilt and modified many times since it was originally built in 1992,
and has competed as both a Lakester and a Streamliner.  

This vehicle has produced 17 records at the Bonneville Salt Flats and at El Mirage Dry
Lake.  So far, only the Hardman Racing team has broken a team record.

2004 Vehicle Specifications
Engine:  Highly modified 1040cc Yamaha FZR-series motorcycle engine with Hardman
Racing turbo-charging system featuring Mitsubishi turbocharger, tubular 4-into-1
stainless header, electronic fuel injection and ignition, cockpit adjustable boost control,
and closed-circuit water-to-air inter-cooling.

Drive-train: Integral 5-speed sequential motorcycle transmission chain-driven to rear axle
through an intermediate jack-shaft.

Chassis:  Custom built tubular steel frame, fiberglass body and aluminum belly pan.
Vehicle dimensions:  19’ long, 29” high and 24” wide.

2005 Vehicle Specifications
The 2005 configuration of the vehicle will once again be highly altered from previous
entries.  Watch the web site for further information on specifications and race results.
Owner / Driver / Crew
  •     Owner:         Hardman Racing
  •     Driver:          Ken Hardman
  •     Location:      Clarkston, Michigan   (Detroit area)
  •     Crew:            Crew Chief Tom Wierzchon, John Bucknell,         
                              and numerous other technical supporters

  •    Special Thanks:   To the late and great Grandpa Ed, Jim Hamill,
                              Jack Costella  and Ken’s hugely supportive family
These sponsors have made it all possible:
  •     Mototron
  •     Cemex
  •     Redline oil
  •     Mitsubishi
  •     Kustom Haus
  •     JM Cylinder Heads
                                       2-Way Record (mph)        
Date        Engine (cc) Class    Aspiration      Vehicle Type                            Location
2007        2000        G/BGL        Blown Gas        Lakester        248.309        Bonneville
2007        2000        G/BFL        Blown Fuel        Lakester        241.15          Bonneville
2006        2000        G/BFL        Blown Fuel        Lakester        235.304        Bonneville
2006        2000        G/BGL       Blown Gas        Lakester        212.765        Bonneville
2004        1000        I/BFL         Blown Fuel        Lakester        212.805        Bonneville
2004        1500        H/BGL       Blown Gas        Lakester        198.859        Bonneville
2003        750         J/BGS         Blown Gas        Streamliner   238.11          Bonneville
2003        750         J/BFS         Blown Fuel        Streamliner   234.324        Bonneville
2002        750         J/BFL          Blown Fuel        Lakester        211.888        Bonneville
2002        750         J/BGL         Blown Gas        Lakester        187.788        Bonneville
2001        1000       I/BGL         Blown Gas         Lakester        194.248        Bonneville
2000        1000       I/BGL         Blown Gas         Lakester        161.279        Bonneville
1997        500         K/FS           Fuel        Streamliner                178.895        Bonneville
1996        500         K/BFL       Blown Fuel         Lakester         115.961         Bonneville
1995        500         K/FL         Fuel                       Lakester         157.37           Bonneville
1994        500         K/GL         Gas                       Lakester         149.904        Bonneville
1993        500         K/FL         Fuel                       Lakester         145.921        Bonneville
1993        500         K/FL         Fuel                       Lakester         141.259        El Mirage
1992        500         K/GL         Gas                      Lakester          134.742        Bonneville
1992        500         K/FL         Fuel                       Lakester         132.934        Bonneville
1992        500         K/GL        Gas                       Lakester          120.578        El Mirage