Land Speed Record Car

Hardman Racing is a highly successful Land Speed Racing Team with a
history of setting records on the Bonneville Salt Flats since 1992.

The Hardman Racing Land Speed Record Car has evolved over its life to run in
several different classes with many different engine combinations.  Originally
built as a Lakester, it has raced and set records as both a Lakester and as a
Streamliner in engine displacement classes of 500cc, 750cc, 1000cc and
1500cc.  The fastest land speed record set to date is 238.110 mph which was
achieved in 2003 when the vehicle ran as a 750 cc Blown Gas Streamliner; the  
highest exit speed of 246 mph was reached in August 2003.

Bonneville is the last great place to race -- the only place where creativity is
unlimited, the rules are safety related, and higher speeds are encouraged and
rewarded rather than stifled in the name of "fairness" to make a better
television show.  For automotive innovators with a passion for speed,
Bonneville is the Mecca.
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